Facilities Management for Logistics and Transportation

Whatever aspects of the transportation and logistics industries you're in, maintaining your facilities brings its own unique challenges.  From vehicle depots, garages and maintenance facilities to passenger terminals, service locations and customer centers to rail, intermodal, maritime and air complexes, it's imperative that your facilities are fully functioning all the time.

Regardless of the number of buildings you're responsible for, using spreadsheets, email or clunky software is not the way to do things.  Your customers want to move fast - so you need to make sure your operations are able to move quicker.

See why over 250 of the world's leading brands rely on ServiceChannel facilities management software. From sourcing to settlement, asset management to contractor compliance - now you can manage your entire repair & maintenance program from a single, web-based dashboard.

Maintaining Transportation and Logistics Facilities is Challenging

In this industry you're likely dealing with thousands and thousands of parcels, vehicles and/or customers - all needing to move somewhere fast.  Are your facilities getting in the way?

  • Are your assets and equipment maintained on schedule?

  • Are repairs fixed on a timely basis or are they impacting movement?

  • Do you know what location, equipment, contractor and trade expenses are out of line?

  • Are you meeting SLAs and deliver quality of service to support your business strategies?

Service Automation Software Drives Facilities Performance

Today, companies in all sectors are realizing the benefits of service automation technology. Whether you're managing air cargo facilities, distribution centers, maritime ports or transportation facilities, ServiceChannel's facilities management platforms deliver powerful benefits such as:

  • Lower costs through reduced R&M expenses
  • Increased time-to-resolution of emergency issues

  • Scheduled maintenance that occurs as planned

  • Greater asset visibility for better repair/replace decisions and improved warranty usage

The Bottom Line

ServiceChannel customers, whether with a small regional footprint or a national to global presences, realize significant ans quantifiable benefits like

  • Reduced R&M expenses from 18-22%

  • 5-9x Return on Investment

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See what our current Service Automation customers say

"I'm responsible for serveral hundred locations, each with a tremendous amount of activity.  I simply can't have maintenance problems or repairs not happening.

ServiceChannel's given my team and me newfound visibility across everything we do.  Repairs are getting done faster and we're making smarter decisions about what to fix and when to replace old equipment."

-- Vice President, Facilities Management

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