8 Financial Reports Every Facilities Manager Needs (and Every CFO Loves)



If you're a facilities manager then you know it's critical to maintain visibility into all aspects of your operations, particularly from the financial perspective.

Facilities managers are tasked with all kinds of responsibilities, from ensuring the look and feel of a company’s locations remains in top-notch order to literally keeping the lights on. To say one is pulled in all directions is an understatement.

So, what are some of the simple financial KPIs that allow you to make better decisions and create actionable reporting? Here’s a quick look at a few of the financial metrics for facilities management operations that you’ll find in this ebook:

  • Actionable reporting: Use data reports to show your CFO the value you bring, and make your organization shine
  • Selecting metrics: For the best visibility into your financial performance, you can use the metrics at your disposal to make better-informed decisions. This is an important first step to gaining complete visibility for your facilities program, and being able to provide actionable data for management.
  • Using KPIs: This allows you to set benchmarks and manage performances. Monitoring total invoice spend and average month-to-month spend shows trends and potential areas for improvement.

All of the metrics discussed in this Ebook are key indicators that many facilities managers use to stay ahead of the curve and increase the overall value of the FM position within the rest of the company.


"With ServiceChannel Analytics, we’re able to slice and dice data information rapidly and with a high degree of accuracy. We can look at all sorts of different KPIs, benchmarks and performance areas up and down the chain of management within the company, with very little resource expenditure."

Kenneth Engle
Director of Real Estate & Construction, DFC Global